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These are the hardworking and dedicated students who have graduated from the course!

Spring 2023

Albert Wang

Angelo Dauz

Ethan Bai

Great way to get a foot into the AI/ML door and learn some cool neuroscience along the way

Feier Long

It was an inspiring community where you get to learn and talk about cool things with intelligence, the brain, and possibly any combination in between.

Frankie Reyna

Jay Yu

I2’s intro provides all you need to quickstart a deep learning / neroscience project!

Kelland Harrison

Molly Park

With all the buzz surrounding AI these days, it was super interesting to learn about the connection between neuroscience concepts and computational models. Looking forward to exploring these connections further in the coming years!

Siddharth Thiagarajan

Winter 2023

Ameya Agrawal

I2’s intro course was the perfect balance of hands-on projects and theory! I learned a lot throughout this course, and felt much more confident in my knowledge and understanding of both machine learning and neuroscience (and how they are connected)!

Eric Ye

Frank Li

Gunn Chun

The most interesting course I took, dense with information yet still approachable.

Gunn Kim

Vibhav Peri

The course introduced me to complex topics I was never willing to tackle on my own. This was the gateway that gave me knowledge and experience in a field I’ve been interested in for a while.